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The functions of the order management

In the order management you can do the following tasks:

  • Order: additional packages (tariffs), register or move domains, order paid SSL certificates, Solr search.
  • Hosting tariffs: Overview of your packages, call up detailed view
  • SSL certificates: overview of booked SSL certificates, download certificate files
  • Domain management: Overview of booked domains, view domain status
  • Master data: Overview and edit, change password and make settings
  • Manage contacts: Create new contacts and manage permissions
  • Billing: view billing status and download PDF
  • Security: restrict access to IP or set up two-way authentication (2FA)
  • History: view various logs
  • Get help: Status page, how-to guides, support requests, DSGVO
  • Downloads: view and download stored documents


Quick overview

  • Domain management
  • Hosting tariffs
  • SSL Certificates


Hosting Plans

All rates booked in the customer account are listed here. You can call up the detailed view here by clicking on the desired tariff.

You can also enter a billing note here by pointing the mouse at the tariff and then clicking on the "Edit billing note" link that appears.

SSL certificates

Here you get an overview of your booked SSL certificates. You can click on the SSL certificate to switch to the detailed view.

In the detail view you can download the certificate files if you want to install the certificate on another system.

Domain management

In the domain administration you get the overview of your domains, which were registered over us.


Edit Account Details

In the overview, the currently stored contract and domain holder data is displayed.

If you want to make changes to this data, switch to the "Edit master data" tab.

You can change your password under "Change password".

In the settings you can

  • set the number of list entries in the order administration
  • adjust your time zone
  • set the payment method for new orders to "Bank transfer" or "SEPA direct debit mandate
  • activate or deactivate different e-mail notifications

The option "Edit nameservers" should remain unchanged, otherwise domains registered through us might not work correctly.

Manage contacts

Here you can create and manage additional contacts that are to receive certain functions and authorizations in the order management. For a detailed explanation of how to create new contacts, see Create additional contacts.


Here you can find the overview of your invoices and also download them as PDF.


Under Allowed IP addresses for access to your customer menu you can store IP addresses that have access to the contract management. Please make sure to store only fixed IP addresses, otherwise you may lock yourself out if your public IP address changes regularly.

In the "Two-way authentication (2FA)" section, you can activate Google Authenticator or U2F authentication.


In the "Logs" section you can see actions that are related to your hosting.

Under "Emails" you'll find all the emails sent by our system and you can also view them directly.

The "Credit Logs" are usually empty.

In the "Notifications" you will find further system notifications.


Status page / Faults

Go to our status page jweiland.info. There you will find the latest news about our hosting products.

Instructions / FAQ

A link to our cloud hosting guides (like this one ;-) ).

Create support ticket

Here you will be redirected to our contact form, where you can send a request to our team.

Information on GDPR

This is a link to our GDPR information page on our website. There you will find information about the GDPR, a current template for the AV contract and the TOMs.

Updated: 17.07.2024