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Create additional contacts

You can create additional users for your account. Here we explain the benefits and how to do this

Benefits of additional contacts

Via the menu item "Manage contacts" in the order management, you can store additional persons for your hosting package, to whom you would like to grant certain authorizations.

For example, you can define additional invoice recipients who will have access to invoices in addition to you and will receive them by e-mail, or you can give an administrator access to the customer menu (Plesk) without having to give him your access data.

As a reseller, you also create the additional domain owners that you need for the administration of your customer domains here.

Contact overview

After you have clicked on "Manage contacts", an overview of the already created contacts appears. In our case, the list is empty. Click the "Add contact" button in the upper right corner to create a new contact.

Create new contact - master data

A simple form is used to enter the master data of the new contact. All fields marked with * are mandatory.

Assign authorizations

Further down you can now define the permissions for the contact.

Example invoice recipient

If you want to give a contact the permissions for invoice and reminder notifications, you can find an example configuration in the "Invoice recipient permissions" image.

If you as a contract holder do not want to receive notifications about created invoices, you can disable this in your settings as shown in the image "Disable invoice sending for account holders".

Updated: 19.08.2022