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Since its foundation in January 2003, jweiland.net has specialized in services for TYPO3. In addition to hosting for now over 36.000 domains, we offer consulting, design, programming and support.

Company history of jweiland.net

Several years before the first browser was released in 1994, Jochen Weiland was already involved with various online services. Thus, he has witnessed the development of the Internet from the very beginning. The first web pages were created with Hotmetal Pro (an HTML editor) and Frontpage.

In 2001 a report appeared in the magazine c't that Content Management Systems (CMS) will play a central role in the creation and maintenance of websites. This was the reason for Mr. Weiland to deal intensively with these systems.

However, commercial CMS software solutions were in a price range that made their use unattractive for smaller companies.

When testing various open source alternatives, TYPO3 made a promising impression. However, in 2002 there was hardly any documentation for this system and the installation on a 1&1 hosting package failed. Because of the system requirements, the installation would only work on one server.

Thereupon a server was rented at 1&1 and TYPO3 could be installed successfully. All necessary steps for the installation on a 1&1 server were published by Jochen Weiland in a detailed installation guide on his website.

In the following years, these instructions were called up thousands of times. Soon, users came forward who wanted to use TYPO3, but were afraid of the installation. This gave Mr. Weiland the idea to install TYPO3 free of charge for the customer when ordering a server through him. For the mediation of the servers there was a commission, so that the expenditure counted itself.

In this way TYPO3 was installed on several hundred servers. However, there were also prospective customers, for whom a complete server for a homepage was too complex and expensive. Thereupon the concept of shared hosting for TYPO3 was born, where Jochen Weiland operated servers that were shared by several customers. So TYPO3 hosting was already possible for 15 Euro per month.

Through the passionate involvement with TYPO3, an extensive know-how was built up and the number of customers increased steadily. At that time TYPO3 hosting was still done as a sideline. In 2006 Jochen Weiland decided to quit his previous job and from then on offer TYPO3 hosting and services full time - a decision he has not regretted until today.

His former colleague Jürgen Godon became the first employee of jweiland.net. The hosting packages, by now no longer operated by 1&1 but in a Munich data center, became more and more powerful and even then a large part of the new customers came through recommendations.

The number of customers continued to grow and now over 36.000 domains are hosted with TYPO3. Customers appreciate the technical competence and the extensive support. While invoices and direct debits were still written by hand in the beginning, automation of the processes soon became necessary. The number of employees increased to 12 and the office space was significantly enlarged.

However, some basic principles remain unchanged: customers should get the best service at a good price. In addition, there is competent and friendly support. Since the beginning jweiland.net has been involved in the TYPO3 community and strives to pass on its knowledge to other users. Thus, many free tutorials and over 250 video tutorials have been published.

When the TYPO3 Association was founded, jweiland.net first became a silver, then gold and finally platinum member. A large number of TYPO3 events and projects are supported by sponsoring. In addition, the company is also involved in social projects.


Our goal is that you are successful with your website. For this we offer a powerful hosting as well as a competent and personal support. For your projects we are happy to share our knowledge as TYPO3 experts. Hence our motto: 'We share know how'. We support the further development of TYPO3 and are involved in the community. Thus jweiland is a strong and reliable partner for its customers, suppliers and employees - now and in the future.

Support of the TYPO3 project

We are not only beneficiaries of TYPO3 but actively support the project. With our Gold membership in the TYPO3 Association, sponsoring of TYPO3 events, involvement in the community and participation in the further development we support TYPO3. With our tutorials and videos we help users to use TYPO3.


We are a recognized training company of the IHK.

Social responsibility

In addition to our commitment to TYPO3, we support numerous social projects.

Updated: 18.04.2023