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Increase Web Space

You have noticed that the storage space in your hosting package is running low and now you want to order more storage space? We will show you how you can do that easily.

Expand the storage space

  1. Log in to your order management(https://portal.jweiland.cloud).
  2. In the left menu bar click on the menu item "Hosting plan" and open the detailed view of your hosting package. Here you will see a section "Service details" at the bottom.
  3. Click on "Upgrade / Downgrade" under "Performance details" for "Storage space".

Next, you will see a slider where you can set the new size of your storage space. Drag the slider to the desired size and then click "Next".

You will now see the summary of the upgrade order. If all values are correct you can click on "Submit".

Your order for the upgrade of your storage space is now placed. We will then activate your order as soon as possible.

Updated: 06.08.2022