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Add domains to the package

You want to register a domain, transfer a domain from another provider or use a virtual domain without transferring it? The read on!

Where do I order new domains?

Ordering domains for registration and provider change as well as creating a virtual host (also called virtual domain or domain with external registration) takes place in our cloud hosting in the order management. To do this, log in at https://portal.jweiland.cloud with your e-mail address and password. You can find instructions here.

Register or move domains

After you have logged in, click on the "Order" button at the top and then on "Domains".

  • Then search for the desired domain name and add the found domain to the shopping cart.
  • If you want to register or move more domains, search for them and add them to the shopping cart as well.
  • If you have all domains in your shopping cart, click on one of the green shopping cart icons and you will get to the shopping cart.

In the shopping cart you enter the remaining required data, such as the AuthCodes.

The checkmark "Use contact data from this contract for the domain" must not be removed. This option is only available for special agency packages.

If you want to register a .de domain, but do not reside in Germany, we offer a trustee service for a fee. You can activate this service for corresponding domain extensions if required. Otherwise it is not possible for us to register the domain for you.

Once you have entered all the required data, complete the order.

Domain management

After we have received the order in our system, the domain is in the domain administration.

Assign domain to a hosting plan after activation

Once the order has been activated by us and the domain has been registered or transferred, it can be assigned to the hosting plan. To do this, go to "Hosting plan" under "Orders" and call up the corresponding plan. Then click on "Domains" in the hosting plan menu. Here you can select the ordered domains and assign them to the plan.

Select the domain and enter the start directory. If you don't have a start directory yet, we recommend to enter an empty directory (e.g. /httpdocs/name-of-domain.com). Then click on "Add".

The domain is now available for administration in the customer menu (Plesk).

Create virtual hosts

Virtual hosts, also known as virtual domains or domains with external registration, are not ordered, but created in your tariff.

To do this, go to "Hosting plan" under "Orders" and call up the corresponding plan. Then click on "Domains" in the tariff menu.

Enter the domain name of the desired virtual host under "or desired virtual domain (vHost, do not enter a subdomain) or enter a development domain (1):".

Under "Start directory (2):" you have to enter the directory where the website is located. If it is not yet on the web space, we recommend to create an empty directory by entering "/httpdocs/" followed by your domain name (see picture).

You can find out where to find the IP addresses or the nameservers here.

Disable mail traffic for virtual domains

When creating a domain, regardless of whether it is registered through us or only added virtually, email traffic is enabled by default.

If the mail traffic for a virtual domain is not to be used via us, it must be deactivated in the e-mail settings, as our system will otherwise attempt to deliver the e-mail internally. If this is then unsuccessful, there is no forwarding to the external mail server, the e-mail is ultimately not delivered.

Create subdomains

Subdomains are always created in the customer menu (Plesk) for domains registered through us or virtual domains.

Log in to the customer menu (Plesk ).

Select "Websites & Domains" from the menu.

Then click the "Add Subdomain" button.

Select the desired domain in the window and assign the name of the subdomain.

If an error message appears (like in the picture), please ignore it and give our system a few seconds to update the DNS in the background. After that, subdomains are ready to use for domains registered through us.

For external domains, you can now enter the IP addresses in the DNS of the domain provider.

Use of the external domain with IP addresses or name servers

Use of our server for website delivery, no email traffic.

You can find the IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) for the entry as A-record at the external domain provider in your customer menu in the domain overview.

Use of all services of our server

In order to use all domain services (web space, e-mails, etc.) together with the hosting package, the name servers of your domain must be stored with the domain provider. You can find them in the DNS settings in the customer menu (Plesk).

In order for the domain name to be created correctly in your administration, the name servers or the IP address must not be stored with the domain provider before the external domain is set up.

Updated: 18.04.2023