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Install TYPO3 via Composer (typo3/minimal)

1. Download TYPO3 via Composer

Log in to the webserver via SSH (instructions for this for Windows, Linux/Mac).

Change to the typo3cms directory:

cd typo3cms

Create a new directory for the project. Here you can choose any directory name, but it must not contain spaces, special characters or umlauts.

mkdir projectname

Change to the project directory:

cd projectname

Start the download of the TYPO3 files with the command:

composer require typo3/minimal

2. set up database and (sub)domain

Call the client menu and create a new database for the project. In Cloud Hosting choose a MariaDB database, in Classic Hosting it is always MySQL 5.6

Choose an existing (sub)domain or create a new subdomain. The target path must point to the public/ directory in the project directory, for example httpdocs/typo3cms/projectname for Cloud Hosting or typo3cms/projectname/public/ for Classic Hosting.

Now define the appropriate PHP version for the TYPO3 version you want to install:

For TYPO3 version 11.4 choose PHP 8.0 or 7.4 For TYPO3 version 10.5 choose PHP 7.4 or 7.3 (for Classic Hosting choose PHP 7.3LATEST as FASTCGI) For TYPO3 version 9.5 choose PHP 7.2 (for Classic Hosting choose PHP 7.2LATEST as FASTCGI)

3. install TYPO3

Create the file FIRST_INSTALL in the directory public/:

touch public/FIRST_INSTALL

Call the installed (sub)domain in the browser. The normal installation process of TYPO3 starts. Then enter the access data to the database.

IMPORTANT: the database host is db.mariadb103 for Cloud Hosting and for Classic Hosting.

Create an admin account.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use a secure password and do NOT use admin, admin2 or anything similar as your username!

4 Install more extensions

The installation variant typo3/minimal provides a very lean system, because only the extensions are installed, which are necessary for the function of TYPO3.

Of course you can install further system extensions if you need them. These so-called packages can all be found on packagist.org, if you search there for typo3/cms.

You can install them via composer.

Example: Install CKEditor:

composer require typo3/cms-rte-ckeditor

You can also install multiple extensions with one command. To do this, the package names must only be passed separated by spaces.

Example: install the template and the info backend module:

composer require typo3/cms-tstemplate typo3/cms-info

Afterwards these extensions must be activated in the backend in the extension manager. You may also want to run a Database Compare in the "Maintenance" section of the Admin Tools.

Select composer packages individually

If the minimal version is not enough and you want to install either the standard extensions or an individually assembled selection of extensions, the "Composer Helper" website is very helpful.

Here one can either use prefabricated presets or select the desired packages individually.

A command line is generated for the shell, which can be used simply by copy & paste.

Updated: 18.04.2023