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Custom Website Development


In the first phase of your new website project we start with our consulting services.

We have to admit that we are not experts in business stationery design, event planning or packaging design. Instead, we focus on our core competence: development and implementation of successful websites.

With our consulting you will learn:

  • which functions are important for a website and what can be done without
  • how customer loyalty is improved by a website
  • what are the important factors for the site to rank high in search engine results
  • that even small and medium-sized companies can be successful on the Internet - even if the budget is small.

Thorough consultation at the beginning of a project avoids costly mistakes. You get realistic estimates of development times and budget.


In a kick-off meeting, the objectives for the website are defined. Target groups, requirements and desired function are defined. Taking into account the corporate identity, we develop prototypes for the layout.

We pay special attention to the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) and a structure of the website that makes it easy to find information. We make sure that the website is working perfectly on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

The result is a responsive website that is tailored to your company, products and services.


We professionally implement layout prototypes created by us with TYPO3 CMS.

With many years of professional experience from many project you get the following benefits:

  • Future-proof through CSS based layout without tables
  • Valid HTML and CSS code, works in current and future browser versions
  • Consideration of all criteria for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Optimization for fast loading pages and good performance
  • Development of TYPO3 extensions, following TYPO3 programming guidelines and security standards
  • Testing of the website with commonly used browsers and operating systems

After implementing the design with TYPO3, we configure the backend users and groups with appropriate access rights and carry out trainings for the editors

Even after completion of the project, we offer ongoing support by e-mail, telephone or on site. We are your partner for the ongoing maintenance and updates of the software as well as the integration of new content and features.


Updated: 04.05.2023