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Oktober 2021


TYPO3 Newsletter - Oktober 2021

Herzlich willkommen zur neuen Ausgabe des TYPO3 Newsletters. Hier findest Du Neuigkeiten und Interessantes aus dem TYPO3-Universum.

TYPO3 News

TYPO3 v11 LTS—Warp Speed

TYPO3 v11 LTS is out! Many enhancements, new features, and modern technologies under the hood make this version our best TYPO3 release yet. We have hardly neglected an area to lift this enterprise CMS to a new level. TYPO3 version 11 is for everyone and we can proudly claim that this release is built to stay. As a long-term support release (LTS), this version will be maintained by the community for at least three years.

ELTS 9.5 Is Live—Extended Support for TYPO3 CMS Version 9

Software should always make life easier, either for you, your clients, or everyone. Choosing software is often an extensive and challenging process in which there are many things to consider. One of these things is and should be the official software support periods.
Support runtimes have a significant effect on the investment, especially for web applications. Sustainability plays an important role here. So keep an eye on support periods which are a mandatory checklist item while evaluating software.

Don’t Use Unsupported Software

Operating supported software is of the utmost importance, and I'm not just saying that for dramatic purposes. Not only does it serve to protect your infrastructure, but above all, it is part of your responsibility to protect the personal data of your users and customers.

Why is it so essential to use officially supported software?

Meet Jochen Weiland, TYPO3 Teacher, Contributor, Hoster, Germany (Application Podcast S02E09)

In this episode, I speak with Jochen Weiland, who has been involved with TYPO3 since 2002 and runs a full-service TYPO3 agency, We talked about his significant contributions to the TYPO3 documentation, how he learned the open source ethos from the TYPO3 founder himself, Kasper Skårhøj, as well as Jochen's favorite aspects of TYPO3.

Extension Award—Nomination

In a previous news post, the TYPO3 Extension Award for best documentation was introduced. We would now like to inform you about the next steps. The winners of the award will receive prizes up to €1000.

TYPO3 Tipps

TYPO3 Extension Settings im Scheduler Task auslesen

Ich brauche die Settings eines Plugins im Scheduler. Es gibt zwar zahlreiche Snippets und Hinweise, wie es gehen soll, die alle nicht funktioniert haben. Dieses Snippet ist getestet unter TYPO3 10.

TYPO3 11 mit PHP 8 betreiben: Error Log klein halten

Wer TYPO3 11 mit PHP 8 betreiben möchte, wird zwangsläufig über die vielen „Undefined array key“ stolpern, die die Log-Datei rasant ansteigen lassen. Daher empfehlen wir, TYPO3 mit folgender Einstellung zu betreiben.

11 ways to add CSS/JS frontend assets into TYPO3

Are you looking for ways to add your frontend assets CSS/JS into TYPO3? As a TYPO3 integrator, developer or administrator, you may be required to add custom or third-party CSS or JavaScripts into TYPO3 Instance. In this blog, you will learn all 11-ways to include internal or external assets into TYPO3.

Artikel vorgeschlagen von Sanjay Chauhan

TYPO3 Extensions

Extension Updates im September

Ein kleine Auswahl von Extensions, die im Oktober neu bzw. in einer aktualisierten Version im TER veröffentlicht wurden (In der Reihenfolge der Veröffentlichung, Stand 29.10.2021):

  • Yoast SEO for TYPO3
    yoast_seo / stable
    Optimise your website for search engines with Yoast SEO for TYPO3. With this extension you get all the technical SEO stuff you need and will help editors to write high quality…
  • Extension Builder
    extension_builder / beta
    The Extension Builder helps you build and manage your Extbase based TYPO3 extensions.
  • TYPO3 Console
    typo3_console / stable
    A reliable and powerful command line interface for TYPO3 CMS
  • Useful tasks in scheduler module
    additional_scheduler / stable
    Useful tasks in the scheduler module : full backup, send query result in mail, exec SH script with reports...
  • Password Security Check
    pwd_security_check / stable
    Symfony Command and System Report to check BE and FE user passwords against a list of popular passwords
  • Resizable backend modals
    resizable_modals / stable
    Drag and resize backend modals
  • Site Crawler
    crawler / stable
    Libraries and scripts for crawling the TYPO3 page tree.
  • News system
    news / stable
    Versatile news extension, based on extbase & fluid. Editor friendly, default integration of social sharing and many other features
  • Content Defender
    content_defender / stable
    Define allowed or denied content element types in your backend layouts
  • Mask
    mask / stable
    Create your own content elements and page templates. Easy to use, even without programming skills because of the comfortable drag and drop system. Stored in structured database…
  • File Fill
    filefill / stable
    Find and fetch missing local files from different remotes

Diese Liste stellt nur ein Auswahl interessanter Extensions dar, keine Empfehlung oder Wertung. Die Extensions wurden in der Regel nicht durch uns entwickelt und auch nicht getestet.

Tipp: nicht jede Extension muss 1:1 verwendet werden. Manchmal kann der Code einer Extension aber auch einfach zeigen, wie bestimmte Dinge gemacht werden können ;)


Ruhrgebiet digital. Das TYPO3camp RheinRuhr vom 05. bis 07.11.2021

Spannende Sessions und ein erquickliches Rahmenprogramm erwarten dich auch 2021 – diesmal als Online-Barcamp. Nimm Teil am lebendigen Austausch und fruchtbaren Networking in der Gemeinschaft mit weiteren TYPO3-Begeisterten.

TYPO3camp Mitteldeutschland 20. - 22.01.2022

Das TYPO3camp Mitteldeutschland wird voraussichtlich wieder vor Ort in Dresden stattfinden.

Camp-Feeling im Online-Format #T3CM21

Recap zum TYPO3Camp München 2021.

Am 25. und 26. September 2021 fand das diesjährige TYPO3Camp München pandemiebedingt im Online-Format statt. Für mich war es das erste Camp seit Ende 2019

Eine Liste (fast) aller Veranstaltungen findet ihr hier:


Best Practices and Usability for Online Forms

Forms are one of the most common ways to interact with a website, for example signing up for a newsletter, completing a check-out process, contacting a company, or creating an account. It’s important to get the design right.

Praktischer Online-Generator für CSS Box Shadow.

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