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Redesign of the web pages of the city of Pforzheim

In a Europe-wide tender, we were awarded the contract for the relaunch of the Internet portals of the city of Pforzheim (120,000 inhabitants).


The design of the new pages should be modern and appealing and suitable for use with mobile devices (currently about 30% of all calls). The first relaunch took place in 2012 with TYPO3 version 6.2. The second relaunch will be carried out in 2021.

Technical data

The project comprises over 8,000 pages with 45,000 content elements, 35,000 images or media and 4,000 news articles. Around 150 editors maintain the content. In 2013, the pages were accessed about 5 million times, with a strong upward trend. The existing content of the website was taken over, but updated and restructured.

Solr search engine

In order to find content quickly, a powerful search function based on Apache Solr with faceting was implemented.

Events (events2)

The central component is a convenient management of events. Every conceivable requirement was taken into account in the design: single-day and multi-day as well as recurring events, one or more times per day, different times per weekday, additional dates, cancellations, postponements and exceptions. So rules like "every 2nd Thursday of the month, but not on 3/13 and two hours earlier than usual on April 10" are possible. The dates can be exported in iCal format. A comfortable search, e.g. also for free events, is also integrated.

Example event searchEventssuitable for school classes

Clubs (clubdirectory)

This extension offers a directory of clubs. These can be assigned to categories and districts. Each club can be assigned several addresses with map display (e.g. clubhouse, sports facility, office). The clubs can manage their entries in the frontend itself.

Daycare centers (daycarecenter)

This extension enables the management of day care centers. After selecting the district, age of the child and desired care time, the suitable daycare centers are listed.

Schools (schooldirectory)

Information about the schools can be displayed via this extension. For each entry in theschool database, information such as types of care, meals offered, etc. can be stored.

Yellow pages directory (yellowpages2)

In the business directory, companies can enter themselves and store information about their offer. The entries must be activated by a backend user after verification. Once a year, the authors are automatically asked to confirm that the entries are up-to-date.

More extensions

A number of other extensions were developed for the new websites, including for the display of current construction sites with automatic data import, directory of tenders, social facilities, responsibilities for job centers and the automated publication of content on Facebook and Twitter.

On the intranet, extensions are used for the telephone directory, language skills, circulars and a literature database.

URLs of the new Internet portals

Portal of the City of Pforzheim www.pforzheim.de
City Theatre www.theater-pforzheim.de
Fire Department www.feuerwehr-pforzheim.de
Business Development www.ws-pforzheim.de
City Library www.stadtbibliothek.pforzheim.de
Ausbildungsportal www.ausbildungpforzheim.de
Climate Protection Portal www.klimaschutz-pforzheim.de
Cultural Education at Schools www.kulturmachtschule.pforzheim.de

Hosting and CDN

All portals are hosted on one of our servers in Germany. For the delivery of static content such as images, Javascript or PDF files, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is used. This ensures that all content is available worldwide with the shortest possible loading times.

Particularly important was the optimization of loading times for use on mobile devices. Even with an EDGE connection, the loading time of most pages is only 2-5 seconds.

Updated: 02.01.2024