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Price list

Here we have listed the prices for our products and services (valid from July 1, 2020).

We design our prices fair and transparent, without setup fees or other hidden costs. All prices are in EURO including statutory VAT (in Germany ###mwst##).

Companies outside Germany with a registered office in the EU and a valid VAT ID number as well as in third countries (outside the EU, e.g. Switzerland) will receive an invoice with the respective net amount. The listed prices will be reduced accordingly.

Invoices are created in PDF format and sent by e-mail. All invoices for hosting are also available in the customer menu at any time. Payment can be made either by bank transfer or SEPA direct debit mandate.

Cloud hosting plans

  Price (incl. VAT) Billing cycle
Cloud BASIC 20 € / month 3 months
Cloud PREMIUM 30 € / month 3 months
Cloud POWER 80 € / month 3 months
Cloud SERVER from 350 € / month 1 month

Classic Hosting plans (no longer available for order)

  Price (incl. VAT) Billing cycle
Hosting BUSINESS 17 € / month 3 months
Hosting PREMIUM 34 € / month 3 months
Hosting PREMIUM PLUS 68 € / month 3 months
Hosting PREMIUM QS 150 € / month 3 months
Hosting SERVER 440 € / month 1 month

Additional services in cloud hosting

  price (incl. VAT) billing
1 GB additional storage space each (predefined increments) 0,30 € / month  
5 additional cores for Solr (available from Cloud PREMIUM) 10 € / month 3 months

Additional services in Classic Hosting

  Price (incl. VAT) Billing cycle
5 GB additional web storage * 10 € / month 3 months
10 GB additional web storage * 20 € / month 3 months
5 additional cores for Solr (available from tariff PREMIUM) * 10 € / month 3 months
Restore from backup (files, database, e-mail) 20 € per order
Reactivation hosting package after cancellation 50 € per order

Domains (order directly in cloud hosting or by e-mail)

SSL certificates in cloud hosting

  Price (incl. VAT)
Let's Encrypt certificate free 3 months
Setup of an external SSL certificate (third-party provider) free, available in control panel  

Other services

  Price (incl. VAT) Price
Setup Content Delivery Network (CDN) 100 € per TYPO3 project
Use of Content Delivery Network (CDN) incl. 100 GB data volume, beyond that 2,50 € per additional 10 GB 25 € / month 1 month
Invoice dispatch by mail in Classic Hosting (payment method "invoice-RV", dispatch on the 15th of each month) 1,50 € per invoice
SMS notification on e-mail receipt 0,15 € per SMS

TYPO3 services

  Price (incl. VAT) Price
for current versions (support, programming, creation of new installation, creation of project copy, reset admin access, etc.) 142,80 € / hour each 15 minutes
for no longer supported versions (< version 9 LTS and without ELTS) 285,60 € / hour each 15 minutes
TYPO3 Upgrade check 249,90 € per order
Ready-to-use installation of our sample template 71,40 € per order

* Order via your customer menu(Order ' Additional services)

** Order from your customer menu(Order ' Domains)

*** Order from your customer menu (Order' SSL Certificates)

Updated: 27.09.2022